Terra Testing, Inc. offers a wide spectrum of Geotechnical Services for site investigations.

Investigations - Test Boring & Exploratory Drilling

  • Foundation Investigations
  • Mine Development & Expansion
  • Land Development
  • Earth Mass Movements-(Landslides)
  • Groundwater Monitoring
  • Aquifer Pump Testing
  • Rock Pressure Testing
  • Confirmatory Sampling
  • Highway Construction
  • Marine Drilling using Barge Rental Services
  • Marcellus and Ithica Support Drilling

Sampling Technologies

  • Split Barrel Sampling - Standard Penetration Testing (SPT) using a 140lb. hammer (ASTM D-1586)
  • Split Barrel Sampling with 3” Split Spoon and 300 lb. hammer buy bitrh control pills
  • Continuous Soil Sampler for 3.25” and 4.25” Hollow Stem Augers (H.S.A.’s)
  • Thin-Walled Tube Sampling / Undisturbed Soil Sampling (Shelby Tube) (ATSM D-1587)
  • Piston Sampling (ATSM D-1587)
  • Hand Sampling
  • Continuous Diamond Rock Core Drilling (EX, NX, NQ, HQ, PQ) (ASTM D-2113) using air or water including split-inner barrels.
  • Un-sampled Rock Drilling using 4, 6, 8, and 10” Air (percussion) Hammers
  • Angle Drilling

Instrumentation & Down-hole Testing Equipment

  • Piezometer Installations including Vibrating Wire
  • Inclinometer Installations (AASHTO T-254)
  • Packer Testing - Double or Single (ASTM D-4630)
    -Rock Fractures
    -Draw-down Pump Test