Terra Testing has a wide range of drilling equipment to serve the needs of our clients - From a wide range of tracked equipment capable of angle drilling and turning large diameter hollow stem augers to skid rigs that can be moved with dozers, on dolly wheels or lifted into difficult areas with cranes to very high torque truck-mounted rigs for those environmental projects which might demand up to 12 1/4" I.D. hollow stem augers. In 2015, we added three sonic drills to our fleet.


Twenty-Three Drill Rigs

Most Rigs employ Automatic Safety Hammers with Break-out Wrenches and Split Derrick Capabilities and all are capable of Downhole Air Hammer Drilling

  • 1- CME 45C Truck Drill
  • 2- CME 45C Skid Rigs on trailers with Direct Push Capabilities
  • 2- SIMCO TR2-4000 Track-mounts
  • 1- CME 850 Track-mount
  • 1- Marooka 1500 CME 75 Track Drill
  • 5- Diedrich D-50 Track-mount Rigs
  • 1- Diedrich D-25 on IHI 35 Track Carrier
  • 1- Concrete Core and Pavement Drill with BQ + NQ Coring Ability
  • 2- Diedrich Sonic Track Drills
  • 1- Diedrich Sonic Truck Drill
  • 1 CME 85 Truck Rig
  • 4 CME 55 Truck Rigs
  • 1 CME 45C track drill with direct push

Tooling and Support Equipment

  • 2- John Deere Dozers
  • Sterling Single Axle Tractor and Kenworth Dual Axle Tractor
  • 25 Ton Kaufman Step Trailer
  • 2”, 2.5” and 3” Split Barrel (spoon) Samplers
  • Solid Flight Augers
  • Hollow Stem Augers (H.S.A.’s) ranging from 2.25” to 12.25” I.D. 
  • Center Plugs & Reverse Center String Augers for 3.25” to 12.25”
  • Hand Sampling Equipment
  • EX, NX, HX, NQ, HQ and PQ Core Barrel Systems
  • HW Casing Advancers
  • 4.25” I.D. H.S.A. Continuous Sampling System
  • NX, NQ and HQ Packer Systems (Single and Double)
  • Moyno and Bean Water Pump Systems
  • Steam Cleaners & Pressure Washers
  • Portable Generators and Compressors
  • Ground Positioning Satellite (GPS) Systems
  • Support Pick-ups, Utility Truck with Crane, Water Trucks and Buffalos
  • Trailers
  • Grout Plants
  • 2 - Heavy Duty Rollback Trucks

Air Vacuum Excavation Systems

Vacmasters 4000 System for Underground Utility Location Verifications. Using Air-Vacuum Excavating for safe pre-drill clearing of utilities and unknown obstructions.